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                                         Historical Societies Of Piscataquis County Maine


The rich history in Piscataquis County is an encyclopedia with never ending explanations of all the heritage that has taken place on the historical ground of this great county in the state of Maine.


We are the historical society,of historical societies,and each one of these societies has a unique story to tell when it comes to the history,and indepth heritage of the county.


My name is Betty Wiserman,and it's a great pleasure to meet all of you,who happen to have an interest in our past,and I assure you the Historical Societies here in the county will keep you very busy while digesting the thoughts of yesterday.


We truely believe every township,community,or where every residents gather,there is a historical society with a story to tell.This is a good thing,and one has to understand we really have the history here,and speaking for our society,it would be a lifetime trying to document everything,and everyone who has had a part in our county in one place,or time for that matter.


The heritage,the diversity in all who set foot here 100's of years ago,came from all over the world.Each one has a right to tell their story,and having a story coming from the original culture of the piece of history that took place,makes that piece of history more valuable.We're pround to have alot of heritage here,and we are proud of the unquie societies,and the stories they have to tell.


Abbot Historical Society 

Beverly Bridge, President 

PO Box 105 

Abbot, ME 04406 

(207) 876-3669 

Hours of operation: Open Sundays, 1 to 4 p.m. from Memorial Day to September 1. 



While not specifically a museum, the Barnard Historical Society occupies the old Barnard town and school house, on Barnard Road


Barnard Historical Society 

Contact: David Dow 

166 Barnard Road 

Barnard Township, ME 04414 

(207) 965-8101 

Hours by appointment only. 



The Blanchard Preservation Society was created when the town de-organized and became an unorganized Township in 1986. The residents of the town wanted to retain a sense of community through the buildings and environment. A nonprofit organization was created to preserve and maintain the buildings,and memorial park in the center of Blanchard.


For nearly 20 years the residents have been giving it their all with countless hours of volunteer time and energy and fundraising activities from members and supporters from all over Maine.Many are helping through out the U.S such as small communities helping Veterans in Lincoln Nebraska,to small villages in Mexico.



Blanchard Preservation Society  

Contact: Susan Ramsey, President 

22 Gully Brook Road 

Blanchard, 04406 

(207) 997-3706 


Now if you want to see a real piece of history.The Brownville Historical Society has some really interesting artifacts from the past.Their swords


Brownville Historical Society 

Parish House Museum 

72 Church Street, PO Box 750 

Brownville, ME 04414 

Curator: Carol Horne, 965-2313 

Secretary: Grace Leeman, 965-8584 

Hours of operation: Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., May through September. 


Dexter Historical Society 

PO Box 481 

Dexter, ME 04930 

(207) 924-5721 


The Dover Foxcroft Historical Society really goes above & beyond duty bringing the history & heritage alive again.


Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society 

Contact: Mary Annis, President 

28 Orchard Road 

Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426 

(207) 564-0820 



The Guilford Historical society discusses the early settlers, farmers, and land holders, through merchants and businessmen, to the soldiers and heroes who lived and died here, and of the sacrifices of sweat, tears and even lives expended in the shaping and preservation of this place we call home.


We sure do appreciate every historical society here in Piscataquis.Each one is so unique in their own way,and there is so much heritage here,and we the town folk sure do appreciate their hard work!


Guilford Historical Society

PO Box 893  

Guilford, Maine 04443

Contacts:  Joyce Cookson, President

Cindy Woodworth, Secretary/Treasurer

Nena Schultz, Curator 876-4501 


Milo Historical Society

Contact Allen Monroe 

23 Park Street 

Milo, Maine 04463 

(207) 943-2268 


Monson Historical Society 

Contact Estella Bennett 

PO Box 173 

Guilford, ME 04443 

(207) 876-3073 


The Moosehead Historical Society campus is located at the foot of Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine.It's a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation,and communication of the fascinating and colorful history of the region. They cordially invite you to visit their museum, and join them for the summer series of “Living History” presentations, both of which offer excellent opportunities to experience,and enjoy our rich local and regional heritage.


Moosehead Historical Society 

PO Box 1116 

Greenville, ME 04441 

(207) 695-2909 


Sangerville Historical Society 

Old Mill House Museum 

PO Box 284 

Sangerville, ME 04479 

Contact: Diana Bowley, President 

(207) 876-4579 

Contact: Shirley Drew, Treasurer 

(207) 876-3022 

Hours by appointment only. 


to our web page! The Sebec Historical Society was formed in 1967 when a small group of Sebec citizens came together with the idea of preserving early town artifacts and recording the stories, anecdotes and histories that make our small town so unique. Shortly after, we acquired the only school building still standing in our district.


Sebec Historical Society 

Kristi McLeod, President 

97 Tower Road 

Sebec, Maine 04481 

(207) 564-8645 


Genealogy Volunteers Needed For  Piscataquis County & Surrounding Areas.



The Piscataquis County Historical Societies Network helps people of all cultural backgrounds – especially those connected with Piscataquis County  to discover their family histories and find meaning by placing their own family’s experience into the broader context of American history.


There are alot of us researchers here in the county,and alot of us working on different projects.Our goal is to spread awareness to those researching,and point them in the right direction to the information they are seeking.


Working together we make investigating the past much more easier,and there is also a joy that comes to the research from other's with their prospectives.


You can contact us at if you have time to spare in helping others.One of the problems we're facing currently is several volunteers accidentally working on the same research.When working together,it's not always working together,half of it branching out accomplishing several projects,and not all of us being tied up accomplishing the same thing.We're an organization with some organize,and that way we accomplish alot more on our research.


Check Back For Updates !



Some great writing from some of the volunteers is being put together.Some of the topics to be added are the historical locations here in the county,with some in depth stories behind the,and some of the Native American history in the region.


A personal thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this site possible.


Thank you

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